The house was an understated and unassuming set of two dwellings on a north/south block adjacent to the landscape of Darebin Creek.

Coincidently, Robin Boyd’s Featherston House (another multi-generational home) is located a few streets away. Originally designed for a multi-generational family consisting of grandparents in the single-storey dwelling closer to the street and the daughter, son-in-law and two children in a two-storey dwelling further done the slope. The house remained in the family during the previous half century, with its subdued rectilinear forms of grey Besser brick and dark timber infill details, the full height French doors open to the front garden + rear courtyard, a classic Bell design device, with the spatial arrangements, the extensive timber joinery and clever period kitchen devices being the Clerehan influence.

The ‘hatch’, a small timber lined cupboard that sat in between both dwellings held the two telephones for grandparents and family, and this location became the new pivot by which the ‘join’ could take place.

A new terracotta tiled entry was created, wrapped in limed oak, that allows access from the upper dwelling consisting of a new living/sitting room with one guest bedroom, a bath and study.

In the lower dwelling the existing kitchen was relocated to face the decked exterior and garden, allowing for a laundry/storage area behind the new white laminate + timber detailed joinery wall.

A small existing powder room was revamped, new lighting and heating completed the transformation.

Overall, the interventions were minimal and well considered because of Bell + Clerehan’s timeless and modernist original design.

Period: Interwar/modified

Photographer: Jack Lovel

We transformed an inter-war timber home by keeping the front four rooms as they were, editing the small original family bathroom + adding the four spaces to the south or rear of the block. Northern light enters through two pop-up clerestory roof lights that can be opened to allow a thermal chimney to disperse hot air in summer.

A small central deck sits between the existing home and the addition.

Rosebud -Interior alteration to a 1990’s coastal home

Project Type: Interior renovations

Period: 1990’s Spec home

Photographer: Jack Lovel

Stylists: Rhiannon Orr + Mel Hasic

Toorak -an interior alteration to a Burley Griffin small home. in association with Jane Cameron Architects + Sam Cox Landscaping.

Project Type: interior Alterations

Period: 1920’s / modified

Photographer: Jack Lovel

Stylists: Without Studio (Mel Hasic + Sarah Shinners)

Landscaper: Sam Cox Landscapes

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